Reacting to client reviews

You also have the opportunity to give your reaction to client reviews about your campsite that have been placed on, or the ACSI Great Little Campsites website. We advise you to react to these reviews in a proactive and positive way. The wrong sort of reaction can irritate campers; and not only the camper you are responding to but other website visitors (potential clients) as well. A positive reaction on the other hand improves your image and gains the trust of future camping guests; a marketing chance not to be missed!

You can view all online reviews for your campsite and give your response immediately via the ACSI Control Panel. Take note: campers’ reviews are first approved by us; you can only respond to reviews that are already online.

Once you are logged in you will see ‘reviews’ in the left-hand menu. If you click on ‘give your reaction’ you will see all the reviews that campers have submitted. By then clicking on one of the reviews you can give your reaction. It may take several days before your reaction is online; these first have to be approved by us.

You will find the rules for reacting to reviews in the Control Panel.