Promotional material 2020

ACSI offers promotional materials at a relatively low cost. These products offer added value to any campsite, making it immediately clear to any camper that yours is a quality campsite.

Affixed by the ACSI inspector in person, the annual ACSI sticker demonstrates that the campsite has successfully passed the inspection. Furthermore, it indicates to campers that camp site has been inspected and approved by ACSI.

Every campsite that advertises for the first time will receive an ACSI promotional sign. Campsites included for free will not. They can however purchase or order a sign for €15 in cash from the inspector. A damaged sign or a sign that is no longer in possession will be replaced free of charge when the campsite advertises again the next year.

Campsites wishing to do so can buy an ACSI flag (100 x 150 cm). The inspector will make a note of the order and the flag will be delivered to the campsite at a later date. An ACSI flag will cost €19.50.
Advertising campsites receive one free ACSI flag.

The sticker supplied annually via the CampingCard ACSI scheme should be clearly visible at the camp site’s reception desk. The campsite must remove the sticker as soon as it no longer participates in the CampingCard ACSI scheme.
A CampingCard ACSI flag is free of charge for campsites which participates in the CampingCard ACSI scheme. Each year in December this campsite will be sent an order form. A participating campsite which does not complete the order form can request a free CCA flag at a later date. A campsite can receive maximum one free CCA flag per year. An extra CCA flag will cost €19.50.