ACSI participates in all the holiday fairs in the Benelux, Germany, Denmark, Great Britain and Ireland.

During the most important holiday fairs in the Netherlands and Germany, ACSI not only promotes its own products and services, but also offers campsites the opportunity to present themselves to a larger audience.

Free brochure distribution
Advertising in ACSI Campinggids Europa, ACSI Campingführer Europa or one of the other guides means we will distribute your campsite brochure free of charge at the following consumer fairs: Caravana Leeuwarden and Reise + Camping Essen. The only thing you need to do yourself as a participant in the ACSI holiday fair promotion is send your brochures to ACSI in a single batch for the fairs in which you are participating. These will be stored in ACSI’s warehouse and taken to each fair for you.

Stand hire
In addition to brochure distribution, you might like to consider hiring your own space on our large eye-catching ACSI stand. Our stand is situated in a conspicuous location and always attracts a large number of interested campers. 

If you enter into an exhibition contract the following will apply: ACSI would like to receive 6 separate images for each of the campsite’s posters. This can be in large format, slides or digital material. You may also supply your campsite logo. ACSI would like to receive photos and logos unprocessed and in as high a definition as possible. ACSI will be responsible for selecting the photos and for the layout of the poster based on the quality of the photos. Collages within one photo are not permitted.

In order to maintain uniformity it is not possible for campsites to produce and supply their own posters; the posters will be produced by ACSI to a standard design. If you wish to supply the material digitally, you should get in contact with ACSI as there are special requirements for this material.

Advantages fair participation

  • comfort
  • the complete interior of the stand
  • experienced stand crew if you wish
  • ACSI is a crowd-puller by its size and its eye-catching spot
  • service (cloakroom, separate dining room and free drinks)
  • guaranteed camping public at the counters

Stand hire is available at the following fairs:

Kampeer & Caravan Jaarbeurs Utrecht
9 - 13 October 2019
Caravana Leeuwarden
23 - 28 January 2020
Vakantiesalon Brussels
6 - 9 February 2020
Reise + Camping Essen
26 February - 1 March 2020



You can choose from four formulas

Formula A
An ideal opportunity for participants with a limited budget. You will have 2 m2 floor space at your disposal, making this stand suitable for staffing with one person, and 1 linear metre of counter space with a facia board above it measuring 1 x 0.30 m (w x h).
A poster of 1 x 1.20 (w x h) can be displayed on the rear wall.

Formula B
This is an excellent solution for camp sites wishing to present themselves with more clout. The 4 m2 floor space is ideal for staffing with 2 people, because you have 2 linear metres of counter space.
The name of your camp site will be displayed on a facia board of 2 x 0.30 m. A poster of 1.20 by 2 m can be placed on the rear wall.

Formula C
The front of this stand extends for three metres, which means you can present your name on a facia board of 3 x 0.30 m. The rear wall, measuring 3 x 1.20 m, offers the possibility of hanging one jumbo poster.
If you would like to participate in the ACSI holiday fair promotion with more than one camp site, this is the ideal stand for you.

Formula D
9m2 is the largest stand we offer, with 5 linear metres of counter and 2 facia boards of 3 m. This format guarantees you a corner stand with seats and a table. 2 posters of 3 x 1.20 m can be hung on the rear wall.
In terms of price, this is the most attractive holiday fair promotion solution for camp site groups.

Rear wall posters
To preserve the uniform nature and professional appearance of the ACSI stand, ACSI manufactures the rear wall posters itself. It is therefore not possible to decorate hired stand space with other materials.
The costs of manufacturing poster boards are charged by ACSI at cost price. After payment, these poster and text boards become the property of the participant.

Stand staff
If you wish to participate with a stand, ACSI can provide the necessary staff at a very reasonable daily rate. This will save you travel and accommodation costs, and you will be assured of competent representation at the fairs. We particulary advise this service for foreign participants who do not have a command of the Dutch language.
A Dutch-speaking host or hostess will increase your chances of a successful fair.