ACSI Campinggids Europa 2019

Annually, more than 300 ACSI inspectors check every campsite included in the guide. When your campsite has been approved by ACSI, this will be announced in an editorial in the guide.

The Dutch-language version of the ACSI Campinggids Europa includes reviews of more than 8,200 campsites in 29 countries and is conveniently divided into two parts. The total publication run for 2019 comprises 47,000 copies. The ACSI Campinggids Europa applies since 1965 as the most reliable and the most ideal travel book for the European camper.

Publisher ACSI Publishing BV
Print run 47,000 copies
Publication frequency Annually
Reproduction materials Electronic material / photos / logos / texts
Deadline for materials 15 September 2018
Comments An advertisement in the ACSI Campinggids Europa 2019 or in the ACSI Campingführer Europa 2019 is required for all the other promotional opportunities.
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