CampingCard ACSI 2020

ACSI introduced the CampingCard ACSI scheme to attract more visitors for its advertising camp sites during the low season. This scheme is yet another promotional option in addition to the existing camping guides, apps and websites and
A condition for participation in the CampingCard ACSI scheme is that you advertise in the ACSI 'Campinggids Europa' 2020 or in the ACSI Campingführer Europa 2020 (for advertisement and CampingCard ACSI rates, see Advertising). See General Conditions.

What is CampingCard ACSI?
The size of a credit card, CampingCard ACSI is a discount card for the low season. Additional information:

Low-season campers look for campsites that also have something to offer in the low season. They assume that all facilities that are available in the high season are also available in the low season. The general infrastructure, such as roads and paths, well-tended campsite pitches and proper lighting must be in perfect working order.

Low season
Upon presentation of their card, CampingCard ACSI holders pay only EUR 12.00, EUR 14.00, EUR 16.00, EUR 18.00 or EUR 20.00 per night. These amounts are based on the lowest low-season rate in May, June and September 2019. Of course a camp site is free to choose a lower CampingCard ACSI rate than that which has been allocated to the campsite.

It is also important to define the period during which the CampingCard ACSI is to be accepted. The period will comprise at least 61 overnight stays in the months of May, June and September and maximum 14 overnight stays in July and August. It goes without saying that longer acceptance periods are permitted.

The ACSI inspector will calculate as to which CampingCard ACSI rate will be charged. A contract agreed with the ACSI inspector may be modified after checking by the ACSI office, prior to it becoming definite. The campsite will be kept informed in such cases.

Any additional discounts (seven nights for the price of six, for example) will also be discussed and laid down in a contract.

 Campers pay the campsite the entire amount agreed upon with CampingCard ACSI. ACSI does not withhold any amounts.

The CampingCard ACSI rate includes:

  • standard or luxurious pitch (with water points and drains);
  • two adults;
  • car + caravan + tent or car + folding trailer or car + tent or camper with awning;
  • electricity up to 6A or 4 KWh per day;
  • showers with hot and cold water; if the campsite has coin-operated showers, the CampingCard ACSI rate agreed on includes one token per person per overnight stay;
  • no additional charge for one single pet, if it is allowed on the campsite;
  • if applicable 1 to 3 children up to and including 5 years old;
  • V.A.T.

Additional services, such as for additional people or tennis court hire, are subject to the standard low-season rates.


The CampingCard ACSI is offered:

  • in all ACSI camping guides
  • in a special CampingCard ACSI guide in 7 languages and in 21 countries
  • in special ACSI CampingCard & Camperplaatsen guides in 3 languages and in 9 countries
  • on in 7 languages

The ACSI camping guides pay attention to campsites participating in the CampingCard ACSI scheme. CampingCard ACSI acceptance periods is mentioned among others, as are the CampingCard ACSI rates. The CampingCard ACSI comes as a free bonus with any ACSI camping guide.

The CampingCard ACSI guide and the CampingCard ACSI app can be ordered using the Internet ( This guide and this app list all participating camp sites and includes an editorial entry (address details, amenities, an impression of the ambiance) and some photographs of each campsite.

Advantages of CampingCard ACSI

  • promotion for the campsite: detailed entry in the CampingCard ACSI guide and in the ACSI CampingCard & Camperplaatsen guide, a dedicated scheme website (, attention in all ACSI camping guides, CampingCard ACSI logo with the editorial entry in the guides, on the CampingCard ACSI app and on
  • the campsite is paid directly by the camper
  • the campsite receives the full amount paid by the camper
  • no additional paperwork, so no additional costs
  • when you have a link via the Cost Per Click accounting method, this will automatically be transferred to if you are participating in CampingCard ACSI
Publisher ACSI Publishing BV
Print run 478,000 copies
Publication frequency Annually
Reproduction materials Electronic material / slides / photos / logos / texts
Deadline for materials 8 September 2019
Comments An advertisement in the 'ACSI Campinggids Europa' 2020 or in the ACSI Campingführer Europa 2020 is required for all the other promotional opportunities (i.e. including CampingCard ACSI).
See General Conditions.