Mission statement

An integral part of every one of our activities is our mission and vision:
Our Vision
‘The European camper can find an ideal camp site and camping holiday by using ACSI, and ACSI is an appropriate marketing partner for European campsites to reach out to European campers.’

Our Mission

  • We are the camping specialists who supply European campers with reliable and accessible information about campsites and we are also specialists in the field of camping tours and camping holidays.
  • We strive towards offering products and services to our clients in a dynamic and service-oriented way which is supported by a unique combination of professionals.
  • With our passion for camping we can create distinctive products and services with a unique market position and healthy margin through which justifiable growth is made possible.
  • We supply top-quality products to campers and campsites using our craftsmanship and our regard and knowledge of the market. This results in every camper being able to find the right campsite and every camp site receiving the right guests.
  • Collaboration in combination with our team spirit ensures that we can deliver the highest levels of quality for our organisation. 1+1 = 3.