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Dutch campsite specialist ACSI has been supplying information on campsites across Europe since 1965. Through the years ACSI, which has camping as its core business, has gradually been adding to its activities: organising camping trips, renting out camping pitches and accommodations on campsites, launching CampingCard ACSI, the discount card for the low season, the biggest camping magazine in the Netherlands ACSI FreeLife magazine, ACSI Club ID and ACSI Booking. 

ACSI’s aim is to make sure that campsites are full of campers from everywhere in Europe in high as well as in low season. To achieve this, ACSI listens carefully to the wishes of campers as well as those of campsites and always anticipates these. A wide and successful range of camping products is the result.



In 1965, founder Ed van Reine, father of current director Ramon van Reine, decided to provide information to other camping enthusiasts. A campsite guide was produced so that campers could set out on their travels well prepared. This prevented campers from discovering upon arrival that the campsite they wanted to visit was closed. Auto Camper Service International was born. The first steps towards the well-known green ACSI campsite guides were taken. It’s hard to believe that the first guide featured only 55 campsites; by now, more than 10,000 European campsites are inspected. In 2020 the 55th edition of the ACSI Campsite Guide Europe will appear. 

And... ACSI has a face, because all campsites are visited every year by an ACSI campsite inspector. The inspectors have been prepared with courses in the winter months and an extensive training programme in the spring. Every year more than 300 inspectors set out to check every campsite for more than 200 different kinds of amenities. All information is always up to date and very reliable, which is what sets ACSI apart from the rest. 


ACSI Campsite Guides better every year

In all those years more inspectors have visited more campsites, the number of amenities has grown, the number of copies has risen and the campsite guides have increased greatly in quality.

Apart from the ACSI Campsite Guide Europe, ACSI has introduced many more campsite guides over the years. For example, there are special guides for people who like camping specifically in France, southern Europe or the Benelux. For those camping enthusiasts who prefer to visit small and easy-going campsites there is a special guide called Great Little Campsites. For mobile home owners there is the ACSI CampingCard & Mobile Home Campsites Guide. ACSI also looks beyond the Dutch borders: there are, for example, ACSI campsite guides for French, German and Italian speaking campers.


Breakthrough: CampingCard ACSI

ACSI is always innovating and looking for new opportunities on the market. In 2004 ACSI launched the successful CampingCard ACSI. A very simple, user friendly and popular discount system for the low season. Campers who have purchased the discount card can camp at one of four affordable rates per night (€ 12, € 14, € 16, € 18 or € 20). The camper is eligible for this discount simply by showing the discount card at the campsite. With only a few nights the money to purchase the card will have been earned back already. Not only campers are pleased with the system, but campsites also reap the benefits. Since its introduction, European campsites that participate in CampingCard ACSI have plenty of customers in low season also. In 2019 the discount card will be accepted at no fewer than 3,401 European campsites and it is available in 7 languages.

Fun fact: CampingCard ACSI is even used by mobile home owners from Israel, Russia and China on their tours through Europe.


Specialised camping trips

Apart from providing campsite information ACSI also soon started organising group trips. During these trips, campers profit from the safety and fun of a group, but also have plenty of room for individual freedom. 

Here again we like to do everything in-company. Organising caravan trips with a detailed itinerary book, support from tour guides, interesting excursions and great campsites in the most beautiful parts of Europe turned out to be a very successful formula.

Since a few years, not only Dutch-speaking campers, but also German and English speakers can enjoy these camping trips. In 2019 we offer no fewer than 49 different trips, which can be enjoyed with a caravan or a mobile home. Because of the large diversity in tours, there is something for everybody. Our customers value the quality.  

Every year thousands of people take part in these ACSI camping trips, creating tens of thousands of overnight stays per year.


The ACSI community

Throughout the years more and more campers wanted to be part of an ACSI community. For this reason the ACSI Club ID was introduced in 2011. Membership offers the camper many advantages. For example, the membership card is valid as a substitute ID card, which means campers can keep their passport safely with them. Apart from this, the card also offers liability insurance and holders can profit from the lowest prices on all ACSI products. This card is available in 8 languages and has its own website:


Millions of satisfied campers

ga naar de website

Since 1998 the campsite information has appeared not only in the campsite guides but also on This site is free of charge and features 9,900 campsites in 14 languages. is visited by more than 10 million campers yearly.

Via the search box visitors can search on country, region, location or campsite name. When a search term doesn’t match exactly, suggestions are given. It is clear which amenities are present at a glance. There are extensive and detailed maps which also allow campsite searches. Extensive information is available for all campsites, and while searching the website visitors can filter for more than 200 amenities. All in all, on this website, European campers can find the campsite that best suits them in no time.

You can also book campsites directly through On the homepage you can choose whether you want to search for or book a campsite. It is also possible to search for availability.


Advanced apps

In the spring of 2014, ACSI introduced a number of special campsite apps: The ACSI Campsites Europe app, the CampingCard ACSI app and the ACSI Great Little Campsites app. 

The ACSI Campsites Europe app features 8,100 European campsites. The app can be used completely when offline, on smartphones as well as on tablets and laptops. The camper is presented with extensive maps and many pictures. Search queries can be filtered for more than 200 amenities. The app indicates which campsites are near the current location or the user can indicate a location on the map to see which campsites are near that spot. With one press on the screen the campsite can be phoned or emailed directly.

The CampingCard ACSI app and the ACSI Great Little Campsites app have the same functionalities; the only difference is that these apps contain only the CampingCard ACSI campsites and the ACSI Great Little Campsites respectively.


ACSI FreeLife magazine

ACSI wants campers to be well prepared for their travels. For this reason we have been publishing ACSI Freelife Magazine, which appears 8 times a year, since 2012.

Hours of reading material thanks to extensive tests of mobile homes and caravans, the best travel stories, campsite tips and camping news.  







Dedicated staff

Without the efforts, knowledge and dedication of all 180 full-time staff members and more than 500 freelancers, including inspectors, tour guides and couriers, ACSI would never have become such an important player on the European camping market.

ACSI is always investing in product development and marketing, using fairs and the internet as sources of information, promotional means and sales channels. 

Ramon van Reine is an experienced camper; he has been camping since he was a young boy, and as general director of ACSI he is focused on the future of the internationally operating company. Throughout the years he has received various awards for his innovative entrepreneurship and his engagement. 

Ramon van Reine - ACSI

Ramon van Reine, director

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